Balbo Beard

It is impossible not to be awed by the imagination of the person, who came up with Balbo beard style. It is so easy, yet so fashionable! Balbo combines 3 different styles: goatee, chinstrap and handlebar mustache. It is quite hard to make a Balbo on your own. Usually only professionals are bold enough to go for it. This beard style allows you to outline the chin, so it’s the best choice for men with square or round face types. It can also be called a variation of a goatee + mustache style. The difference is the absence of a connection between these two parts. Usually the chin part of this beard style looks like an upside down T. Mustache is not compulsory. Balbo looks a lot like an anchor, but seems much thicker and softer, since there are no sharp angles and thin lines.

So, if you are bold enough to try it, here are the steps to creating one of the most stylish beards out there:

1. You can switch to Balbo from either a full or Hollywoodian beard
2. At first you need to shave the hair off your cheeks and leave it around your mouth and on the chin
3. Using a trimmer make the outline of the future Balbo beard. Leave a 2-3 cm area below your lip, which will smoothly transition into the chin zone.
4. Continue making the outline of the beard by moving closer to the center and removing the hair between ends of your mouth and the chin. You will be getting an elongated beard form, which will remind you of a chinstrap. Don’t forget to leave a rectangular zone beneath your lip. It should slightly widen toward the bottom.
5. Use the trimmer to style the mustache. You need to even out the lower part and style the top part to be the same width as your mouth. In the end you will get a mustache strip, which is about 5 – 10 mm wide. The ends of your mustache should look like a Handelbar.
6. Take away all the stray hair by using a razor. Make sure not to touch the beard.

Keeping Balbo neat is easy. All you need to do is remove stray hair on a regular basis. Don’t forget to curl your mustache!