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5 Signs You Should Start Using Beard Oil Right Now

The custom of using beard oil is an age-old tradition. Most often we think that short beard or stubble don’t need a beard oil. But, if the skin lacks the nourishment and moisture of the sebum oil, a beard oil will get into action.

The problem is most of us don’t know when to start using a beard oil. You can use a beard oil anytime you feel like. But there is a time when beard oil become a staple for healthy facial hair. Wondering? Read on.


When to Start Using Beard Oil

Beard oil is a secret weapon to conquer a good looking healthy beard. You can get the optimum result of growing a manly beard without letting anyone know that this is the outcome of the application of a beard oil.

A beard oil consists of mainly two type of oils, a carrier oil and an essential oil. As the name suggests, the carrier oils carry moisturizer to the skin underneath the beard providing the skins with the oil it needs. And, the essential oils nourishes the beard and the skin.

Some essential oils have scents and they also act as an antiseptic medicine that can cure acne and other skin problems. When you need this? Well! When the sebaceous glands can’t produce enough sebum oil to nourish moisturize the skin underneath the beard, you can use a beard oil. Otherwise, you may end up having rough and split beard and the skin may have rashes and itching is a must.

Healthy Beard: Just A Few Steps Away


5 Vital Signs That Calls for a Beard Oil

Most of the guys remain in a confusing state as they don’t know when exactly they should start using a beard oil. Well! If you see the below signs hampering the growth and health your precious beards, you can get the help of a beard oil.

  • 1. Short Beard but Itching Skin: Usually we don’t feel any need of beard oil unless the beard is longer than one inch. If the beard patron faces any difficulty on the way to 1 inch like rashes and itching on the skin, he can use a beard oil to resolve this problem.
  • 2. Long Beard: Anything more than one inch requires the nourishment of the beard oil. The beard absorbs the sebum oil before it can provide enough moisture to the skin. That’s why external oil is needed to cover up the lackings.
  • 3. Slow Growth: Sometimes, guys encounter the problem of slow beard growth. A beard oil can be a savior for you. There are many kinds of beard oils available in the market which can make the beard grow quicker.
  • 4. Sensitive Skin: No matter what type of beard you are having if the skin is sensitive, using a beard oil is a must. If the skin is oily, you need to apply the oil less in degree. But, for the dry skin, 6-8 drops of beard oil is applied daily to the bare skin of the beard. This will prevent the beards from getting split and help you get rid of dandruff.
  • 5. Thin Beard: Some guys have a difficult time while growing a beard. After doing all the grooming and waiting they have nothing but some thin facial hair. If anyone wants to enrich the density of his beard, an oil can be the best solution. Some beard oils can thicken the beard.


If any of you ever face the above-mentioned signs, go get the help of a beard oil right way. Never compromise on the things you love. All the best for your iconic and epic beard for which you’re longing for a long time.