Safety Razor Vs. Cartridge Razor: What Are The Differences?

There goes a nonstop debate with respect to which razor is better. Is it Safety Razor or Cartridge Razor? Almost all the debaters are biased because they are the fans of any of these two. Well! It is really a debatable issue. We have tried to bring out the real information about these two razors. Now it’s your turn to make a winner in the battle Safety Razor vs. Cartridge Razor.


What Is Safety Razor?

Safety Razor

A safety razor is a double-edged razor having blades on both sides of the razors. This is a T-shaped razor. The blades are equally sharp on both sides can shave facial hair efficiently. The top blades are replaced when the blades dull but the handle is a constant part until you change it intentionally. This razor is called safety razor because it has a safety bar to prevent any cut or damage to the skin.

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What Is Cartridge Razor?

Cartridge Razor

You have already heard about a cartridge razor if you watch the TVC of different razor companies. This is a modern addition to the beard styling products. It consists of a plastic handle that has a few blades, usually more than two, on the top of the handle. The shaving part has multiple blades and they have no safety bar but the set of blades are placed in such way so that it doesn’t cut the skin. When the whole set of blades dull, it is replaced. Like the safety razor, the handle should not be changed regularly.


Safety Razors Vs. Cartridge Razors

Both safety razors and cartridge razors have merits and demerits. It’s really tough to come to the final decision. We are discussing the facts and figures. The decision is all yours. Safety Razors involve more skill and expertise than Cartridge Razors.

Cartridge Razors have built-in flexible blades on the top of the handle, whereas one has to depend on his own hand to shave the curves of skin. Regarding cost, both of the razors cost almost the same. But, there are a few facts to discuss.

A safety razor costs much initially but it lasts longer. On the contrary, a cartridge razor costs less and you have to replace the blades a lot faster. So, that actually doesn’t make much difference. As the safety razor has only one blade it causes less irritation but cartridge razor has a set of blades which cause more irritation. Though cartridge razor cause irritation, it helps one get a quick shave. So, there is advantages and disadvantages of both the razors.


Safety Razor Vs. Cartridge Razor

A comparison table can break down the differences well. See the table as depicted below.

Safety Razors Cartridge Razors
  • This type of razors has one blade with two-sided shaving facility. And a safety bar is there to protect the skin.
  • A set of blades is placed on top of the handle. There is no safety bar.


  • There is no flexibility in shaving. One has to depend on his own skill.
  • The blade carrier is flexible and provides with smooth shaving experience.
  • Safety razors are more cost effective as a single blade last for a long time.
  • The multiple blades of a cartridge razor dull fast and need to be replaced often.
  • Safety razor requires a good deal of time to do the shaving smoothly.
  • If you are in a rush, cartridge razor is the solution. It is suggested for quicker and smoother shaving.

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These are the real facts about the battle of safety razors and cartridge razors. You can choose your winner as per your likings and dislikings.