5 Reasons You Can’t Grow A Beard

No matter how hard you wish and try for a beard, you might find yourself without the facial hair you want. There are many factors that decide how your beard will grow, and if you can grow one to begin with.

why cant i grow beard reasons


5 Reasons Why You Can’t Grow A Beard

Some reasons why your beard isn’t growing can be addressed, and others might just require your time and patience. Here are five common reasons why men can’t grow beards, and their respective solutions:


1. Genetics

genetics can cause no beard

This is the biggest player in your beard growth and appearance. Where and how fast your hair grows is decided by your genetic makeup. Some men may find their facial hair to be patchy and unable to form a full beard, and others might find that they don’t have much hair at all.

One may find they get a five o’clock shadow before lunch, and another may only have to shave once a week. There’s not anything you can do about genetics itself, but there are some things caused by genetics that can be addressed. One of these things is your hormonal balance.

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2. Hormones

Hormones can be responsible for not growing beard

Facial hair is a male feature, and the hormone responsible is testosterone. During puberty when testosterone production finally gets up and going, a lot of boys and young men will notice their first few facial hairs. Here’s the thing, though- some guys just aren’t receptive to testosterone, or they might not have enough.

Your receptiveness to dihydrotestosterone is a component of how your facial hair grows. Not much can be done for that, but some men experience lower testosterone than they should. This can sometimes be addressed medically, but consider what you want to put your body (and wallet) through to get that beard you’ve dreamed of.


3. Stress


Stress affects everything your body does, including hair growth and retention. If you are going through a period of high stress, you might notice your facial hair slows down or that some areas may become patchy. This is not a permanent thing usually.

What you can do in this situation is lessen your stress load. Trying to remove stressors throughout your life will help. Consider talking with a professional or close friend, as this will help not just your beard growth but your entire well-being as well.


4. Diet

Dieting is one of the reasons for not growing beard

Your body runs better on balanced and clean nutrition. Eat only fast-food and processed meals, and you can expect much slower facial hair growth and quality. Eat clean and meet your nutritional needs, and you will see a positive change if the diet was your issue.

Just like stress, diet affects everything your body does and how well it does everything. Fixing or improving your diet means that you may experience a great change in your facial hair, but it should also be done for your own health beyond that.

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5. Health Conditions

 Health can cause not growing any facial hair

Many different illnesses and conditions can affect facial hair growth. Alopecia, an autoimmune disorder in which your immune system attacks your hair, can cause hair to fall out and not grow back easily.

Hypothyroidism can mean slower hair growth, as can anemia. Luckily, most of the conditions that affect hair growth can be treated or cured. Alopecia does not damage hair follicles permanently, but the underlying condition must be addressed.

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Hypothyroidism is often managed through medication, and anemia can be solved through supplements or infusions. If you suspect that your lack of facial hair may be due to a medical condition, consult a doctor or dermatologist (or both). Medical conditions need medical intervention.