8 Best of James Harden Beard Style Photos

American basketball superstar, James Harden, is one of those few people whose beard style becomes a trend. Harden, who plays for Houston Rockets team of the NBA as the shooting guard, has a trademark beard which is widely popular among people the world over.

James Harden beard became famous in 2009 when he got lazy and didn’t care to shave, is visible in various songs and T-shirts today. Even the well known Croatian designer Filip Peraić demonstrated James Harden’s bearded look in a variety of styles and techniques in his project James Harden Illustrated.


James Harden’s Beard Design Photos

The evolution of James Harden beard from undemanding peach fuzz to overgrown full beard is as below:

Clean Shave

This beard does not contain any facial hair except for the eyebrows, eyelashes and precisely trimmed sideburns. A clean shave look usually requires shaving the facial hair on daily basis and is considered the neatest of all.

james harden beard 1


Peach Fuzz

Peach fuzz is referred to as the fine hair growth down the chin which appears as the first sign of starting of growth of facial hair on a boy’s face. Peach fuzz is common in teenage boys who are reaching their adolescence. The hair is light in shade and sparse like fuzz on the peach.

Peach Fuzz



Stubble beard is a very short length facial hair style which usually reflects by the evening when a man has shaved in the morning. The hair is not too long to be called a beard and not too short to be mistaken with a clean shave. The hair is of apt length that easily manages to cover the skin beneath.

james harden beard 3


Harden’s Goatee with a linked mustache

The goatee is the most common beard style in men. James Harden got this stylish goatee beard to look different from his previous appearance. The hair on the chin connects to the casual grown mustache on both sides. This hairstyle is also called circle beard and since the 1990’s, has gained the similar meaning as a “goatee”, which was primarily referred to as hair on the chin.

james harden beard 4


Trimmed beard with a thin mustache

In this type of beard style, the facial hair is kept trimmed in-lining with the jawline and the chin. The sideburns are trimmed and extended to connect to the chin hair via the jawline. The mustache is thin and usually maintained just above the upper lip. This beard is tidy and neat to look at.

james harden beard 5


Chin curtain with a trimmed mustache

This is the facial hairstyle in which the mustache is properly trimmed and the hair on the chin, neck and jawline are allowed to grow out of the face. The facial hair growth resembles a curtain of hair hanging from the chin. This amazing style gives a disheveled and unkempt look.

james harden beard 6


#7: Overgrown goatee and mustache

This beard style is done when the trimmed beard and mustache are allowed to grow without trimming. Eventually, a stage is reached when the facial hair is not too long to be called a full-grown beard and not too short to be termed as trimmed. This type of facial hair is more casual and unkempt.

james harden beard 7


Full grown beard

Fully grown beard style is done when the beard is not trimmed and allowed to grow off the jawline and the chin. The facial hair also covers the cheeks and taper down towards the jaw lines on both sides. This is one of the famous James Harden beard styles with Harden maintaining a 5-inch beard in length.

Feb 22, 2012; Oklahoma City OK, USA; Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden (13) shoots a free throw during the second quarter against Boston Celtics at Chesapeake Energy Arena Mandatory Credit: Richard Rowe-US PRESSWIRE

James Harden beard has been a source of inspiration for him and his fans. As he stopped shaving out of laziness and his beard grew, he with his team began to capture their place in NBA finals. Eventually, the Americans won their Olympic gold medal. His beard can be tightly linked with his success story!