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8 Tips for Guys Who Say ‘I Can’t Grow A Beard’

Most men covet the long, luxurious, manly look of a beard. What many of us fail to realize is that it is an enormous time commitment to care for and properly grow out a beard. What if you tried your best and still can’t grow a beard? In this article, we’ll tackle one of the most common questions many men ask the bearded guys – ‘I can’t grow a beard, what should I do?’.


Can’t Grow A Beard – What to Do

tips to grow beard

There is nothing more frustrating than watching yourself sprout in the mirror day after day like a sad little Chia pet, with patches of full hair interspersed among sections of growth that have not quite caught up yet. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that will transform the look of your face overnight with a full and luxurious mane of beard.

Growth takes time, proper maintenance, and a little bit of a scientific edge that can be used to speed up facial hair growth. If you can’t grow a beard, here are some tips on how to go from Cliff Kleven to mountain man with a little help:


Stimulate your hormone production

beard growth tips

Rest assured, you don’t need to take supplemental hormones or start popping steroids in order to make this happen for you. Consuming certain foods and using over the counter facial remedies are enough to boost testosterone production in ways that will promote faster beard growth. Tuna fish, vitamin D rich milk, egg yolks, and lean sources of protein are all excellent ways to naturally boost your body’s own hormone production. Chow down!


Embrace your aging body!

Can’t grow a beard at 15 and frustrated? Did you know that a man’s body may not have the capacity to grow a full and thick beard until his mid-thirties? Looking at your father will be a pretty good indicator of how your beard is going to come in.

If your father has full, thick facial hair, you will most likely have the benefit of the same. If he struggled to produce a beard into his forties, your genetic track is likely similar to his as well. Know that growing a beard takes effort and time; don’t give up at the first sign of slow growth, and care for what is emerging so that more can grow.


Lower your stress levels….if possible

be stress-less for faster beard growth

High stress puts strain on all parts of the body, and it does affect your ability to grow your dream beard. If you suspect that stress is a culprit in inhibiting beard growth, do what you can to eliminate those situations that cause you additional stress and seek more balance in your life as you practice the kind of mental, emotional, and physical care required for optimal health.


Evaluate your physical health

consulting doctor for faster facial hair growth

Certain physical conditions can slow or inhibit the growth of facial hair on your face; if you suffer from alopecia, anemia, or thyroid conditions, these can all negatively impact your ability to grow facial hair. Consulting with your doctor to determine if slow growth is a result of a medical condition will determine what pathway you will choose for treatment and for faster facial hair growth.


Apply beard growth oil

beard growth oil

Like any hair follicle, your facial hair will grow in stronger and healthier if it has the right starting ingredients. Beard oil keeps your skin and hair soft and supple, well conditioned and ready to receive new growth. Apply daily for a face full of beard that your friends will envy.


Pay attention to your diet..and make changes if necessary

healthy diet for beard growth

Eating the right foods promotes healthy hair growth. Studies show that folic acid, a mineral found in various foods, is a key player in the promotion of healthy and rapid beard growth. Choosing fresh, healthy, whole foods will be instrumental in creating the beard of your dreams; design a nutrition plan that works for your face promotes total body health.



exercise for faster growth of beard

Exercise is a great way to naturally boost testosterone production in the body. More testosterone=faster hair growth and thicker beard. Stop making excuses for why you don’t have time to work out – your face depends on it!


Get enough sleep

tips to grow beard

Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep if you are failing to grow a healthy beard. Sleep is the master healer, the master regulator of hormones, and a great way to provide the body with the rest it needs to do the important work of completing your full bearded look.

The longer you sleep, the better regulated your body is during the day; establish good bedtime habits for the promotion of healthy and effective sleep.


No need to stress, Cliff – we’ve got the tools for you. Just follow our suggestions, be patient, and see what marvelous creation Mother Nature will afford you as you create the rugged bearded look of your dreams!