How to Shave Your Head With an Electric Razor

Shaved heads are gaining popularity. A smooth scalp can look clean and stylish while reducing the time you spend grooming. In addition, studies show that people perceive men with shaved heads as more masculine and dominant than those without; they also seem 13% stronger, an inch taller, and smarter than their coifed counterparts.

Many men turn to a shaved head when their hairline begins to recede or if they have unruly locks that are hard to style.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to go with a clean-shaven look, you may be wondering: can you shave your head with an electric razor?

The answer is yes. Using an electric razor to shave your head is preferable in some ways to other alternatives.

For step-by-step instructions on how to shave your head with an electric razor, read on.


Why Use an Electric Razor to Shave Your Head

electric razor

There are many options of types of razors to use for shaving your head. While some advocates of cartridge razors argue that they will give you a closer shave, using an electric razor reduces the chances of causing ingrown hairs, razor burn, or cuts on the scalp.

Look for an electric razor that is water-proof, not just water-resistant. Check to make sure it can be used with shaving creams, gels, or powders. It should also have a flexible head. Rotary shavers will cover more area at a time, making the shaving process quicker.

An electric razor is a safer option and can produce a shave almost as close as a cartridge razor.


How to Shave Your Head Using An Electric Razor

Items You Will Need

Before you start the process of shaving your head, you will need to gather the necessary items:

  • A towel or cloth
  • Two mirrors (a bathroom mirror and hand mirror will work)
  • Scissors or shears (if you have hair longer than stubble)
  • Electric clippers
  • An electric razor
  • Aftershave lotion
  • Moisturizer



The first thing you need to do is wash your hair. Get your scalp as clean as possible before starting the shaving process. Next, towel your head off, but don’t worry if it’s still a little damp – this dampness may help the process.


Cutting Your Hair

Cut Hair with Scissors

With scissors or shears, cut your hair as short as you can. Make sure to get all of your hair as short as possible by checking each area carefully, especially around your ears and the nape of your neck.

You may need to use the mirrors to view the back of your head as you work. This part of the process can be pretty awkward if you’re not used to it, but after a few shaves, you’ll feel like a pro.

If you don’t have hair longer than stubble, you can skip this step.


Buzzing Your Hair

With the electric clippers, buzz your hair down to stubble. Go slowly and make sure to get every section of your head down to a short stubble, again paying particular attention to the area around your ears and the nape of your neck.

Use the mirrors again to make sure you get the back of your head as free of hair as possible.


Shaving Your Head

Shaving Head with Electric Razor

Once all of your hair is down to stubble, you’re ready to shave your head.

Wet your scalp again with a cloth or towel. Then apply shaving cream, gel, or powder to your entire scalp, all the way down to the nape of your neck. This will help you avoid razor burn, ingrown hairs, and cuts on your scalp.

Now use the electric razor to shave the hair on your scalp.

For the closest shave possible, go against the grain of the hair. However, if you have sensitive skin or tend to form ingrown hairs, you should shave with the grain.

Go slowly over each section of your head. If you are using a rotary shaver, make small circular motions across your scalp. As you work your way around the scalp, you may have to pull the skin taut in some areas, especially around the ears, to get an even shave.

Check each section of your scalp with your fingers as you go to make sure it feels smooth and that you haven’t missed any spots.

When you shave the back of your head, use the mirrors again to make sure you get every spot.



Once you have shaved your entire head, rinse your head off with a cloth or towel. Then apply an aftershave product; choose one with no alcohol since alcohol will dry your skin out and can cause dandruff.

Next, apply a moisturizer, preferably one with SPF, as your newly-shaved head will be susceptible to sunburns.



If you want to keep that shiny, clean-shaven look, you will need to shave every 1-2 days. If you’re ok with some stubble showing, you can shave every 1-2 weeks.


Now that you know how to shave your head with an electric razor, you can rock the bald look, so people will think you look masculine, dominant, and intelligent.