How to Make a Bad Mustache Look Good

Don’t you just hate it when your mustache grows thin and patchy, or even, gods forbid, with hints of baldness? For many facial hair enthusiasts, a full, healthy mustache is a thing of envy. If you own such a bad mustache, what should you do to make your creepy mustache look good?

Therefore, it is essential that the owner of the mustache takes appropriate measures to ensure it is full of sheen and generally looks appealing to himself and onlookers.

But what exactly does a good mustache look like? If you’re not entirely sure whether yours fits this description, then you’re in luck.

In this brief article, we explore everything you need to know to turn your mustache into a sight to behold.


How Does a Good Mustache Look Like?

good mustache

You’re probably wondering what a picture-perfect mustache is supposed to look like. While there’s no perfect mustache, a few key pointers are typically considered to be the hallmarks of a great mustache.

First, personal hygiene is essential. A good-looking mustache ought to be clean, that is, thoroughly washed, combed, and groomed.

Secondly, an attractive mustache should be free of any visible or invisible hair diseases or infections, such as dandruff.

Last but not least, since there’s no rigid image that a mustache owner must conform to, you should be able to style your mustache however you please.

Generally speaking, it would be best if you styled it in a manner that best fits your growth pattern and makes you feel comfortable.


4 Tips to Make Your Mustache Look Good

#1. Start Using Hair Products Early

Contrary to popular belief, whether or not you should apply hair products, in this case, beard oils, wax, and other supplements, does not depend on the length of your hair. Instead, you should begin following a strict regimen as soon as you’ve noticed some hair growth.

If you’ve just started spotting some fuzz on your upper lip, then you don’t need to wait for it to grow any longer before starting to condition and care for it properly.

Application of beard oils and other carefully chosen hair products is a must for every mustache owner who wants a full, shiny and healthy mustache.

It is, therefore, crucial to carry out proper research before deciding what products to use on your mustache. To see the best results, you have to determine whether the beard product you want to use is compatible with your growth patterns and hair texture to ensure that there will not be undesirable side effects.


#2. Make Sure Your Mustache Is Well Nourished

vital nutrients for healthy mustache

Growing healthy, good-looking facial hair is no mean feat. It requires a lot of energy and time, not to mention considerable financial investment. And while it may come as a surprise, a nutritious diet is also key to growing quality hair follicles and hair strands.

It is the delicate combination of calorie-rich foods, vitamins, and minerals that will stimulate the production of beard-growing hormones such as testosterone and DHT. These hormones are responsible for sustaining the hair growth on your upper lip and ensuring good mustache volume and strength.

The particularly vital nutrients include vitamins K2, D, A, E and minerals Copper, Magnesium, Zinc, and Selenium. A healthy dose of these readily available nutrients will have your mustache reach its entire length and attain a natural glow.


#3. Train Your Hair

Though it may take a while, the hairs of your mustache can be trained by repetitive combing and layering wax. Training makes the strands lie in a particular direction, depending on what you feel best suits your look.

Using a blow dryer to heat the hairs and applying wax, you can maneuver and style your mustache according to your taste.

There is a broad range of unique styles that you can adopt regardless of your mustache type.


#4. Groom Your Mustache Regularly

Combing Mustache

The significance of constantly tidying up your mustache simply cannot be overstated. A well-kempt mustache lends its owner a deep sense of masculine sophistication, while an unkempt upper lip achieves the opposite result.

To achieve a neat mustache, wash thoroughly, comb the hairs carefully and condition them to a wonderful finish. What’s more, be sure to trim weekly or biweekly using good-quality clippers or scissors. This allows you to shape your facial hair as well as get rid of excessive length.

Furthermore, you should exfoliate regularly to unclog the skin and remove any dead skin cells blocking new hair growth. Trimming and shaving should be done as frequently and hygienically as possible.

The tools used when procuring your shave should be clinically disinfected. For a proper shave, always remember to use quality shaving creams and after-shave products to ensure a smooth, seamless finish.


Wrapping Up

A healthy, shiny good looking mustache is the pride and joy of any facial hair enthusiast. However, maintaining a mustache is easier said than done. It takes a fair deal of planning and effort to get just right.

However, by following these four simple steps, your mustache will soon be the envy of the town. To completely transform your mustache, you need to use the right products, eat healthily, train your hair, and groom regularly.