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Get Inspired By 5 Famous Beards, Goatees And Mustache Style

Choosing the right beard type and maintain it is quite hard. It needs patience and dedication. While adopting a beard or mustache style, you have to consider your face shape, the type of your facial hair and the speed of the hair growth.

Here we come with 5 beards, mustache and goatee style of famous faces.


Kristofer Hivju’s Beard

Kristofer Hivju’s Beard style

The long red lumberjack’s beard of the “Game of Thrones” star Kristofer Hivju has drawn the attention of many people and is being followed by a lot of guys.

If you want to have this beard style, wait for a couple of weeks without shaving. After the facial hair grows, visit a barber to make the shape of the beard. Use beard balm after the bath to reduce the irritation problem. Comb your beard regularly with a beard comb to keep the alignment. Also, use specific beard shampoo which will help to reduce the oiliness and clean your beard.


The Rock Dwayne Johnson Goatee

Dwayne Johnson Goatee style

The very common style of Dwayne Johnson is his bald head with a goatee.  It’s the most rocking combination and is followed by many men.

This beard style gives a little square shape by highlighting the jawline and is the best option to disguise the double chin.

Use shaving gel instead of shaving foam as it’s transparent. With this product, you’ll be able to visualize whether the razor blade is running in the right place or not. This product also helps to reduce the irritation problem and also moisturizes the facial hair and skin. Make sure to trim regularly to keep your goatee well aligned. Otherwise, a single hair outside the goatee shape will ruin your perfect style.


Brad Pitt’s Mustache Style

Brad Pitt’s Mustache

The famous actor Brad Pitt’s mustache is one of the most stylish ones. Opt for this mustache style to draw attention in the crowd.

To adopt this mustache, let the mustache hair grow. Use specific mustache wax to align your mustache and comb it regularly. If you have a round face with a wide cheek, then this style is the best option to disguise the cheeks by highlighting the chin region.

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Chuck Norris’s Famous Short Beard

Chuck Norris’s Beard style

The Hollywood action hero Chuck Norris is also famous for his stunning short beard. This beard type really creates a stylish formal look and is famous to the office worker because of the easy maintenance. Use a trimmer or shaver to keep this style and comb every day after waking up.


The Extended Goatee Of Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa beard style

Jason Momoa’s dashing extended goatee style has become one of the most following styles. This beard type elongates the facial appearance and highlights the jawline. If your facial hair is thinner on the side then adopt this style by increasing your goatee volume.

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Pick up the best style for you from the above 5 list. Maintain your beard, mustache or goatee style with proper care and rock with it!