Donegal Beard: How to Grow, Trim and Maintain

Donegal is a facial hairdo that goes through the jaw line to your button to the next end of your face. This facial hairdo has incredible comparability with jaw strap whiskers; on the other hand, the distinction is, jaw strap cover piece of the chin, though the button covers the jaw extensively.


How Donegal beard evolved and got popular

Donegal beards have been presence for quite a while. This shaving style was celebrated by individuals like Lincoln and Alvaro Pombo a re-known author who lived in the 70’s. In 1970, jaw blind facial hair get down to business.

These styles will not only make them look handsome but it will give them a young look.Various individuals in US, particularly the Married Amish kept the style as recognizable proof imprint.


Suitable for

Suitability! There are a considerable shaving styles everywhere in the world and what you have to do is pick the style you like. Nonetheless, you have to realize that, these styles have favored face shape. Jaw blind is best for people with a jewel or oval molded face. The style helps in adjusting the face, take off alone making you look attractive.



How to grow Donegal beards

Do you love Donegal facial hair? Donegal facial haircut is astonishing. For one to develop donegal facial hairdo, you have to be so patient and exceptionally minding. Recorded down here are ventures to take after when developing button blind.

  1. Grow your whiskers for various weeks or even months.
  2. Shave off your mustache totally.
  3. Optionally, you can trim the whiskers on your cheek, neck and jaw line to give your facial hairdo some characterized shape.
  4. You can too trim your facial hair when it came to a certain level for simple admin.


How to trim

There is nothing as basic as trimming Donegal whiskers. Various gentlemen who favor this facial haircut have less to do in the matter of trimming. To be exact, they are just needed to trim at the edges of their facial hair. Here are tips to on the best way to shave your jaw window ornament.

  1. Trim your whiskers to 3 to 5 mm to empower you focus on your facial haircut.
  2. Add to your facial hair cut by essentially characterizing the edges.
  3. Trim your whiskers with a wahl hair trimmer utilizing a length brush till you accomplish a smooth edge molded whiskers.
  4. Utilize an exact trimmer to add to a diagram of your jaw shade by definitely touching the edges of your whiskers.
  5. Utilize a smaller than expected foil shaver to wipe out the spirit patch.
  6. Shave your cheek, neck and the mustache totally.



  • Uses disinfected shaving machine to shave your head to stifle the possibility of contamination.
  • Use expert saloonist to framework the style.



Maintenance Donegal facial hair is similar to washing your head with warm water. To be clear, Donegal facial hair needs successive trimming and shaving. In addition, you have to apply oil and additionally steam your head to improve delicate skin.