If you are not satisfied with the color of your beard and are dreaming about a change, take some time to consider making your beard black. Many men believe that the darker the beard is, the more manly they will look. However, it is not always true. A black beard might actually make a man look older. If black is your natural hair color and your beard has started getting silver, then black might be a good choice, However, if your natural shade is lighter, then black might become a problem. In fact, black beards tend to make you look older. So, be very carefully when choosing the right color for your beard. If you really want a black beard anyway, consider dyeing the hair on your head as well. If you are not sure which color to choose and black seems like a good idea, you can do some experimenting. Buy a black beard dye and try it on one small part of your beard. You will get a good idea of what the whole beard will look like when dyed. Remember, facial hair is different from the hair on your head and it will always look darker when dyed. That’s why when you are choosing a dye for your beard, buy it one shade lighter than you want. In the end you will get the result you wished for.

If you have a lot of graying hairs in your beard, a black dye is not the best idea. Any professional will tell you that silver beard hair should be dyed with light colors. If you are naturally blond, a black beard might turn out to be a real disaster. You have to think twice about using black color. While you might think that it will make you look manly, in the end you might look quite absurd. There have been examples of men shaving off their full beards completely after dyeing them the wrong color. Remember, that black dye is very hard to change, even by a professional. Accordingly, if you want a nice black beard, look for lighter shades. Otherwise the result might disappoint you.