Can You Grow a Mustache at 16?

To feel grown-up, many young men like yourself ask the question, “Can you grow a mustache at 16?

It varies. Genetics can play a big part, but so can grooming habits. Even if a teen can grow facial hair, he has to shape and upkeep it to resemble a full mustache.

That said, you can do a few things to facilitate facial hair growth at any age.


Things to Do to Help You Grow Mustache at 16

Massage the face with oils and botanicals

facial massage oil for growing mustache

Unless you have access to a magic wand, you will not be able to make a full beard happen overnight. However, with a bit of time and patience, a 16-year-old could grow a mustache by massaging their face.

A facial massage dramatically improves blood circulation in a way that could promote facial hair growth. Massage alone will not do the trick, so you may need to invest in oils specifically tailored to stimulate hair follicles.


Keep Your Face Clean and Hydrated

Of course, you’ll need to ensure the oils you use seep into the dermal layer of the skin. Using an at-home facial steamer can assist by unclogging and opening the pores for a deeper cleanse.

You can use a mild cleanser, gel, or soap but try to find something that is organic and hypoallergenic when you can. Using all-natural products will protect the skin barrier and minimize oil production.


Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Washing and massaging will do an excellent job of keeping the pores clear, but you should add the extra step of exfoliation.

Exfoliating the skin via a nourishing scrub is a perfect way to eliminate dead skin cell layers. You should exfoliate twice a week if you desire to achieve maximum results.


Get Adequate Sleep and Reduce Stress

Believe it or not, your ability to keep your cool and get enough rest can affect your ability to grow facial hair. Your body repairs damaged cells during slumber, so get at least a minimum of 8 hours.

Likewise, staying relaxed can help a beard emerge and even grow faster. Staying calm via meditation or martial art-style exercise like tai-chi can assist in this area.


Take Hair Specific Vitamin Supplements

Many tips that can help you grow a mustache at 16 involve stimulating the skin from the outside. This step consists of ingesting hair-specific vitamins known to promote lush, healthy hair growth.

Many of these supplements will contain biotin, vitamins A-E, iron, zinc, and collagen. When in doubt, ask an adult to help you decide what supplements will aid you in your goal.


Eat Ton and Tons of Protein

protein sources for growng mustache

A balanced diet of fruits and vegetables helps obtain the essential oils and minerals you need to expedite your mustache growing plans.

The addition of chicken and beef is necessary as it contains the types of proteins linked to natural hair growth.


Other Ways a 16-Year-Old Can Grow a Beard

The above list, while not exhaustive, is among some of the best ways to help a teen grow facial hair fast. Other routine behaviors that assist in this endeavor include:

  • Routinely getting rid of ingrown hairs
  • You shouldn’t be smoking yet; if you are, quit
  • Staying away from drugs and alcohol
  • Getting adequate aerobic exercise
  • Drinking lots of water


A 16-Year-Old Can Grow and Style a Mustache

If you are a  teen serious about growing a beard or mustache, you can do so by following the tips mentioned above. Good luck to you in your hair growth journey.