Beard Split Ends: Signs, Causes & How to Get Rid of It

A well-groomed beard can help a person visualize the manliest attribute of him. On the contrary, patchy or unhealthy beards will surely give a bad impression of his personality. Guys are becoming more careful about the grooming and styling of their beards day by day.

What’s the use of having a beard if that demean your personality? Say bye bye to those beard split ends that make your beard look unhealthy, find out the signs, causes and learn to how to get rid of it.


What Is Beard Split Ends: The Signs

Beard split ends refer to the splitting of the tip of your facial hair. Hair strands split up at the end of the strands and start to fray at the edges where the hair is the most visible. This makes the tip of the hair look like a twisted string.

As you can envision this type of facial hair, it’s a very unpleasant sight. So, one must take proper care of their beards if they want to look attractive. Beard Split Ends must be checked at the initial phase.


What Is Causing Beard Split Ends

If the beard follicles tend to be too brittle and coarse, the top edges will get frayed having beard split ends. This is the basic mechanism that takes place in the case of beard split ends. There are some concealed reasons behind this splitting.


#1. Imbalanced Diet

dietary foods

Our body runs by the fuel named food. The source of our energy is food. So, having a balanced diet is mandatory to have sound health. Good food, good life. If the beard doesn’t get proper nourishment from the food you are eating, eventually, it may result in beard split ends. Hair and nails are mainly made of keratin protein. So, you need to eat foods that are rich in proteins. Otherwise, the beard will be split at the end.

Signs That Calls for Trimming Your Beard

#2. Using a Blow Dryer

using blow dryer on beard

Life has become easier with the advent of electric gadgets. Drying the beards using a towel is good for the beard but it’s time-consuming. People are using a blow drier replacing the towels. But, these blow dryers are harmful to hair and cause the beard split ends.


#3. Lack of Natural Nourishment

Lack of nourishment in beard

Every guy has sebaceous glands that provide the facial hair with the required nourishment. If these glands can’t supply enough sebum oil to the root of the beards, the entire hair strand will face malnourishment. Lack of sebum oil fails to nourish the shaft of the beard follicle. Then, the hair tips start to get split and fray.


How to Get Rid of Beard Split Ends

You can prevent beard split ends by taking regular care of the beards. Don’t go overboard while combing the beards. Make sure that you are not going crazy with a towel or a blow dryer, use the ‘pat dry’ technique instead to dry the beards after a wash. Use cold water to wash the beards and never use any harsh or low-quality chemicals on your beard. The most important thing you can do to get rid of beard split ends is trim the beard regularly.

Following Video by Big Beard Business Explain How to Attack Beard Split Ends & Get A Healthier Beard


People also use beard balm, beard supplements, vitamin pills, avocado oil etc to prevent beard split ends. You can choose any of them, but only regular care can guarantee you split free beards.