Beard Grow XL Vs. Iron Beard Vs. Vitabeard: Which One Works Best?

A beard is a tricky part of your image. Ever wondered why that guy’s beard is bushy and thick and yours is hard to look at without tears? Isn’t it unfair? Fairness doesn’t have much to do with it. It’s hard to grow, hard to maintain, and often hard to enjoy. That guy is probably taking beard growth supplements or using some types of beard products you don’t know about. Vitamins for beard growth may be enough to save the day. We have reviewed Beard Grow XL, Iron Beard, and Vitabeard to give you an idea, which ones are worth your attention.


The Best Beard Growth Supplement: Our Top Pick

We tried hard checking out a variety of vitamins for beard growth. We see how much attention is paid to Beard Grow XL, Iron Beard, and Vitabeard. So we made it our goal to check out which one of them is best. And the winner is…


IRON BEARD: Beard Growth Vitamin Supplement for Men by Zhou Nutrition

IRON-BEARD-new Beard Grow XL Vs. Iron Beard Vs. Vitabeard: Which One Works Best?

This product contains more vitamins, minerals, and other essential elements than the other two. It comes at a fair price and suits all beards.  The supplement has a high biotin content.

Beardstyle Product Rating: 9.8 /10


Beard Grow XL Vs. Iron Beard Vs. Vitabeard: Detailed Reviews


1. IRON BEARD Beard Growth Vitamin Supplement for Men by Zhou Nutrition

IRON-BEARD-new-300x300 Beard Grow XL Vs. Iron Beard Vs. Vitabeard: Which One Works Best?

This supplement is packed with vitamins and other necessary elements to improve skin condition and beard growth. It comes with a fair price tag and can help men enjoy longer and thicker beards. The manufacturer is offering a money-back guarantee, which speaks highly of the product’s quality. The supplement is suitable for all hair types. It contains 18 vitamins including biotin, C, A, B12, folic acid. The product also features collagen and a special herbal complex.


IRON-BEARD-new-150x150 Beard Grow XL Vs. Iron Beard Vs. Vitabeard: Which One Works Best?
IRON BEARD: Beard Growth Vitamin Supplement for Men by Zhou Nutrition
This product is designed to offer your body a full set of important vitamins for beard growth. It contains 5,000 mcg of biotin, which is impressive. Even though the price tag is a bit high, the money-back guarantee seems to compensate for that downside.
18 vitamins
High biotin content
Made in the USA
Money-back guarantee
Doesn’t work for everyone
May need few weeks to show results
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2. Do Vitamins – VitaBeard Facial Hair Growth Multivitamin

Do-Vitamins-VitaBeard-Facial-Hair-Growth-Multivitamin-166x300 Beard Grow XL Vs. Iron Beard Vs. Vitabeard: Which One Works Best?

This product contains a big variety of vitamins and minerals. While it’s advertised as a beard growth supplement, it can easily be taken on a regular basis to support the organism. It contains the following vitamins: A, C, D, E, B1, B2, Niacin, B6, Folate, B12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Iodine, Zinc. The nutritional value of this supplement is very high. It improves the immune system, maintains nails and skin in good condition, and leads to better hair (beard) growth.


vitabeard-150x150 Beard Grow XL Vs. Iron Beard Vs. Vitabeard: Which One Works Best?
Do Vitamins – VitaBeard Facial Hair Growth Multivitamin
We think it’s a good choice for men, who feel they have a vitamin deficiency. The supplement contains biotin and many other vitamins, which are vital for good hair growth. It’s important to consult your doctor before taking the supplement.
Contains biotin
Big variety of supplements
Few synthetic ingredients
Made in USA
Doesn’t work for everyone
Contains small amount compare to the daily dosage
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3. Beard Grow XL: Facial Hair Supplement

xl-300x300 Beard Grow XL Vs. Iron Beard Vs. Vitabeard: Which One Works Best?

This supplement is created to improve beard growth. It contains a set of vitamins and minerals that can help your beard grow while reducing the itchiness the skin under it. The vitamins you can find in this product are A, C, E, B1, Niacin, Riboflavin, Folate, B 12, Biotin, pantothenic acid. This supplement has a higher biotin content than VitaBeard. However, it contains fewer other vitamins. The product is made in the USA.


xl-150x150 Beard Grow XL Vs. Iron Beard Vs. Vitabeard: Which One Works Best?
Beard Grow XL: Facial Hair Supplement
This seems to be a high-quality product, however, it comes with a heavy price tag. When you look at the ingredients, you can see a few synthetic elements. It’s hard to call it a multivitamin complex for beard growth even though it contains many useful vitamins for a man’s body.
2000 mcg of biotin
Made in USA
Promotes healthy beard and skin
High price
Doesn’t work for everyone
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Comparison Chart:


Final Verdict:

After comparing the above three products, we can easily say that the best supplement for beard growth is IRON BEARD: Beard Growth Vitamin Supplement for Men by Zhou Nutrition. 

the best value product
IRON BEARD :Beard Growth Vitamin Supplement
This product has a high biotin content which offers good support to a man’s body. It can improve hair growth, nail strength, and overall condition of the organism.
Contains biotin
Improves skin
Made in USA
Doesn't suit everyone
High price
buy now


The Supplement Controversy: Can They Really Help?

The talks about the benefits and disadvantages of supplements are becoming louder and louder. Some researchers are screaming about the utter need of all kids and adults to get more vitamins while others are talking about the lack of benefits and a total waste of money. Who is right?

Vitamin deficiencies are dangerous for our bodies. A lack of calcium will show up as brittle nails and bones while the lack of iron can lead to hair loss. Many people don’t realize they have a vitamin deficiency. Others take vitamin supplements on a regular basis and feel bad about not seeing the difference in their appearance.

The only thing researchers agree on is that the vitamin deficiency is bad and so is vitamin overdose. For example, overdosing on vitamin D can lead to nausea, vomiting, stomach pains, and other unpleasant consequences. What can you do to understand which vitamins you really need?

Talk to your doctor. Most vitamin deficiencies are easy to identify by running a few blood tests. Biotin deficiency is among a few, which are not easy to see. However, along with some tests, a doctor will ask questions and examine medical history to come to the right conclusion.

If you have a vitamin deficiency, the doctor will prescribe you the right dosage of the supplement. If you don’t have such a deficiency, gulping down a variety of capsules just because they promise to save you, isn’t wise. You can end up with an overdose. Here is a simple checklist for those, who suspect they need supplements for beard growth:

  • Schedule a doctor’s appointment
  • Do blood tests
  • Identify the deficiency or the lack of it
  • Ask the doctor for the recommended supplement dosage

Self-prescribing vitamins may seem harmless but can lead to unfortunate consequences. Of course, vitamin overdose is very rare. Wasting your money on useless pills is much more common.


Supplements for Beard Growth vs Multivitamins

When men see a colorful box, which just screams “beard strength”, many of them reach for their wallets. However, does the “beard growth supplement” label really mean that the product is specifically designed to make your beard grow? Not really. What these bottles really contain are multivitamins.

If you look at the list of the ingredients in each one of these “for beard” supplements, you’ll most likely see the standard set of vitamins, such as A, B, C, E, etc. You can find all these vitamins in the regular multivitamin supplement.

So what should make a good supplement for beard growth different from the multivitamins you can buy at the nearest pharmacy? They should contain the majority or all of following ingredients:

  • Fish oil – Omega 3 makes hair thicker and stimulates healthy hair growth
  • Zinc – Improves the health of hair follicles
  • Biotin(Vitamin B7) – Stimulates hair growth
  • Pantothenic acid – Treats hair loss
  • Iron – Iron deficiency may lead to hair loss
  • Vitamin D – the deficiency may lead to hair loss

If you find a multivitamin, which contains all of the above (even if it doesn’t feature a bright beard-related label), you can buy it for your beard growth purposes and probably save some money along the way.


Supplements for Hair Growth vs Supplements for Beard Growth

If you see a hair growth supplement on the shelf, will you pass it by just because it doesn’t have the word “beard” on the label? Consider researching hair growth supplements since they aren’t any different than the beard growth supplements. There is no special pill that helps the hair grow in a certain place of your body. If you take a hair growth supplement, it will stimulate thicker hair all over your head, face, and torso.


Alternatives to The Supplements

Check out following alternatives to the supplements which can make your beard grow faster.

Healthy Diet: If you are searching natural alternatives to these supplements, try to add these healthy foods in your diet. Foods like eggs, meats, fish, nuts, green vegetables and also citrus fruits like oranges, strawberries are the great source of vitamins and minerals that promote beard growth.

Beard Oil: You can use beard oil that can provide good hold and nourishment to your facial hair.It promotes beard growth and makes it look healthier and shiny.


Using supplements for hair growth is a controversial matter. However, many men report seeing impressive improvements after using vitamins for beard growth. There are many alternatives to supplements. However, these pills, tablets, and capsules are usually the easiest and the most convenient way to get all the necessary vitamins.