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6 Steps to Avoid Neck Irritation After Shaving

One of the most common problems that all men face is the irritation of the neck area after shaving. This problem can cause inflammation which is called folliculitis. So in this article, we are going to discuss its prevention and the treatment for folliculitis.


Why Do Our Neck Irritates After Shaving?

Our neck area is more sensitive than other parts of the body. If the shaving is not done correctly or carefully, it can cause inflammation which may lead to folliculitis.


What is Folliculitis?

Folliculitis on skin

It is a common skin condition of bearded men in which hair follicles become inflamed. It occurs due to the ingrown hair which results in inflammation. Usually, non-sharp blades give more friction to the skin which may cause this inflammation. Red bumps can appear to your skin especially in the neck area.


How to Prevent Neck Irritation After Shaving?

Here is how you can avoid neck irritation step by step:

Prepare Your Skin

how to prevent neck irritations

Prepare your skin with the warm water which will soften the hair and will make it easier to remove hair without causing any cuts or injuries.


Use Proper Shaving Products

Generally, many bearded men use ordinary soap for shaving which may produce foam but do not give any protection to the skin. Good quality shaving foam or gel contains sliding agents which help to get a smooth shave as well as the protection of the skin. Shaving gel has the transparency compared to the shaving foam, allows more precision to the beard because it is easy to visualize the shaving region to get a well-crafted beard design.


Choose New Razor Blades

Good quality razor blades are needed for the first scraping. Non-sharp blades generate more friction to the skin causing redness and irritation. So if you face any difficulty while shaving, it is high time to change it!

How to trim Beard Neckline Perfectly


Shave Your Beard in The Direction of Growth

Usually, beard hair grows in different sections of the face. Find the direction of your beard on different parts of your face and neck and go along with that. Follow the direction of your beard to get a proper shave. Do not shave in the opposite direction of its growth because it can lead to skin damage. If you do it repeatedly, different dermatological problems like folliculitis can occur to your skin.


Using Aftershave

aftershave for neck irritation

An aftershave works as a moisturizer for the beard region leaving a fresh look to your beard. Use this product frequently which will minimize your shaving problems, especially caused in the neck area. It will take proper care of your beard and face at the same time. Find the best aftershaves on the market.


Treatment of Folliculitis

Prevention is the best treatment for folliculitis. Follow the tips we have discussed here to avoid the chances of getting folliculitis. If your situation becomes worse, consult with a dermatologist.