A common problem that many men are plagued with is a beard that grows in patchy and uneven. While some decide to shave it off out of frustration, there are others who decide to embrace the unique fashion in which the beard grows. If you’re one of the many men whose beard grows in patchy and you don’t know which style would work for you, here are 30 amazing patchy beard styles you can choose from.


What Does a Patchy Beard Look Like?

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Just as the name suggests, a patchy beard is patchy. Even full grown, it has thin or hairless patches and the growing pattern may be uneven. No shame in it, either, gents. Many great men have patchy beards and it doesn’t mean a damn thing. Think about this: Keanu Reeves’ beard is patchy, but he’s still The One. The late, great Heath Ledger had a scruffy, uneven beard, but he still rocked the hell out of the Joker—and Brokeback Mountain, let’s be for real.


What Causes Patchy Beard?

To talk about some of the causes behind a patchy beard, you’d need to take a crash course in medical jargon. The issue affects all kinds of guys for myriad reasons. Some men discover that their beards have become patchy following times of high stress. Other men simply have irregular growth patterns. In those cases, the uneven beard doesn’t usually feature bald spots, but only thin patches. In some men, there isn’t enough testosterone to create enough androgen, which is partly responsible for the growth of hair. Those guys don’t have the “seeds” buried in their facial hair follicles that ultimately lead to beard growth.


Patchy Beard FAQs

Will a Patchy Beard Ever Fill In?

In many cases, a patchy beard won’t fill in, at least not by itself. Patience is your best friend in this endeavor. As mentioned, you can’t just go get a prescription for testosterone, but you can exercise, eat right, and improve your lifestyle to produce more of it naturally.

A variety of vitamins and minerals are helpful, as well, especially biotin. For men whose patchiness is simply caused by thin beard hair and irregular growth patterns, Biotin is extremely helpful. There are also various formulas, such as Rogaine, but the success is iffy.


Is a Patchy Beard Attractive?

A patchy beard can absolutely be attractive—hot, even. It all comes down to the way you wear it, style it, and work with it. This is your facial hair. If you’re confident with it, no one else will notice anything amiss.


Can I Grow a Patchy Beard Intentionally?

Unless you already grow a spotty beard, no, you can’t actually intentionally grow one. However, you can make your beard look patchy. You can either use an eyebrow pencil or filler on certain spots to make them appear thicker, which in turn makes the rest of your beard appear thinner, or you can shave your beard irregularly.


Patchy Beard Fix: What to Do

Aside from exercising, eating healthy foods, and taking vitamins, you should avoid stress as much as possible and get as much sleep as you can. Cosmetically, filler cosmetics are the best. Don’t feel bad about it, either. Women use those products on their eyebrows for a reason. Get a pencil, a gel, or even a pomade in a color that matches your beard and lightly fill in the patchy areas. Go on YouTube if you need a tutorial on technique.


Interesting Facts About Patchy Beard

  • It Comes Down to Testosterone and Androgen – It’s not your fault that you grow a spotty beard. You probably have no control over it. Why sweat something that you can’t change?
  • Let It Grow – don’t be demotivated by your patchy facial hair. Keep growing your beard anyway. More hair is always better.
  • Beard Oil Is Your Friend – not only does beard oil make your beard hair softer and more manageable, but it can also create the illusion of fullness. In addition, it can help you to create a variety of patchy beard styles—even styles you didn’t think were possible.
  • No One Has a Uniform Growth Pattern – for real. Not even those lumbersexual dudes with the virile beautifully styled beards. Their beards are full because they’re long. See, length is the key.
  • It Might Get Better – It really might. Sometimes, a man’s beard fills in as he gets older. Just give it a few years.


Styling With Your Patchy Beards

Patchy beard styles are for men who either barely grow enough hair to form a beard, or don’t grow hair on their cheeks at all. Many of these options feature nearly bare faces and styles that don’t require cheek hair. Below is our list of patchy beard styles we have collected for you.

1. The Thin Strap

image0016 30 Spectacular Patchy Beards to Get The Ultimate Look

If your beard barely grows in at all, or the patchiness is very uneven and scattered, you may want to try rocking a chin strap. This look features a thin strip of beard that travels along the entire jawline and up to the sideburns. To achieve this, shave the face clean leaving a small amount of beard along the jawline. Then, using a trimmer, shape the beard into a clean, straight line.

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