30 Spectacular Patchy Beards to Get The Ultimate Look

A common problem that many men are plagued with is a beard that grows in patchy and uneven. While some decide to shave it off out of frustration, there are others who decide to embrace the unique fashion in which the beard grows. If you’re one of the many men whose beard grows in patchy and you don’t know which style would work for you, here are 30 amazing patchy beard styles you can choose from.


Styling With Your Patchy Beards

Patchy beard styles are for men who either barely grow enough hair to form a beard, or don’t grow hair on their cheeks at all. Many of these options feature nearly bare faces and styles that don’t require cheek hair. Below is our list of patchy beard styles we have collected for you.


1. The Thin Strap

image0016 30 Spectacular Patchy Beards to Get The Ultimate Look

If your beard barely grows in at all, or the patchiness is very uneven and scattered, you may want to try rocking a chin strap. This look features a thin strip of beard that travels along the entire jawline and up to the sideburns. To achieve this, shave the face clean leaving a small amount of beard along the jawline. Then, using a trimmer, shape the beard into a clean, straight line.

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