Neck Beard: How to Grow, Trim and Maintain a Neck Beard

Neck Beard is a depreciatory word referring to ugly, overweight as well as misogynistic facial hair that grows on the chin going back to the neck. This kind of style is mainly allied with hipster. Neck Beards does not include soul patch or even mustache.

How Neck beard evolved and got popular

Neck beard has been in existence for a very long time. However, neck beard come into limelight in 2003. Neck beard is a normal beard style like any other style. But, the big question is, does it suit you as an individual? There many questions risen regarding whether this style is beautiful or ugly. This style also has been associated so much with Amish beard by Amish men.

neck-beard-young-age-example Neck Beard: How to Grow, Trim and Maintain a Neck Beard


Suitable for

Neck beard is suitable to individuals who have diamond shaped head. Basically, Diamond Head shape have extended chick born and as well as a narrow chin. Therefore, beard broadens the chin, thus balancing the face. This does not exclude other member from shaving; however, you need to note that if you face has a different kind of shape you might look ugly.

neck-beard-e1434750246906 Neck Beard: How to Grow, Trim and Maintain a Neck Beard

How to grow neck beard

Neck beard is not a very unique facial hairstyle. As a matter of fact, it is considered ugly by many women. A lot mother’s have expressed dissatisfaction with their boys shaving neck beard due to that fact that they might be ignored by potential women. Nonetheless, let take a glimpse on step of growing neck beards:

  1. Grow your beards for at least 3 to 4 weeks.
  2. Wash and comb your beards to enable your facial hair grow straight.
  3. Always apply recommended hair food on your beards; this will make your beard smooth as well as grow at the recommended rate.
  4. After your beards have grown to a reasonable size; make sure that you make an outline of your neck bears facial hairstyle prior to trimming.
  5. When trimming your beards makes sure that you follow the outline carefully.

How to trim neck beards

Let’s start from somewhere. Neck beard is an ordinary style like any other. What’s more, you need to be well informed to handle it. Enlisted below are tips on how to handle the neck bread:meme-neck-beard2-e1434754703780-300x219 Neck Beard: How to Grow, Trim and Maintain a Neck Beard

  1. Before trimming you beards, you need to wash them to remove any debris.
  2. Prepare all your shaving equipment and place them at the right position.
  3. Apply shaving cream on all sides, leaving the bears on your chin as well as your neck.
  4. Shave your facial hair and leave the beards on your chin and neck only.


  • Do not outline your facial style yourself.
  • Always keep you facial hair clean and brushed.


Make sure that you wash your neck beards on a daily basis with warm water to remove debris. Moist your skin on a daily basis to enhance quick growth. Moistening also help in reducing itching of the skin.