Mustache and goatee is a kind of facial hair style where one nurtures mustache and goatee. The two kind of facial hair style can either be joined or separate. Goatee beard grows on the chin in particular.


If you may allow, mustache and Goatee beard are two different styles in one. This is a reason that makes Mustache and Goatee a very unique beard style. Mustache and goatee 2 in 1 beard style begun in 18th century and gradually became popular.

mustache-with-goatee35 Mustache With Goatee: How to Grow, Trim and Maintain a Mustache and Goatee Combo Beard

SUITABLE FORSUITABLE-FACE-SHAPE-FOR-CHIN-CURTAIN-300x225 Mustache With Goatee: How to Grow, Trim and Maintain a Mustache and Goatee Combo Beard

This kind of facial hair style suits individuals with oval or diamond faces. Individual with diamond or oval shape have small chin and huge cheek born. Therefore, the beards broaden their chin, thus developing a balance of the face.


Personally, I find growing mustache and goatee so interesting. This facial hair style does not call for so much attention. However, if you choose to join your mustache and goatee, you will need to work on it more. You can as well separate them.

mustache-with-goatee-12 Mustache With Goatee: How to Grow, Trim and Maintain a Mustache and Goatee Combo Beard

Let’s me take you the through the process of growing your mustache and goatee.

  1. You need to grow your beards as usual.
  2. Do daily routine maintenance on your beards like cleaning, combing and oiling.
  3. Shave all the hair on your cheek, neck as well as your jaw line.
  4. You can either maintain or eliminate soul patch and maintain hair on your chin.


I love this process! Many people love maintaining their mustache and goatee facial hairstyle basing on the size. Nonetheless, you need to understand this process any less important. There are Individuals who love trimming the mustaches joined with the goatee while others do them separately. All in all, trimming process remain the same. Let’s check out!

  1. Nurture your beards for a while till it attains a certain level of growth.
  2. Shave the hair on your cheek and neck.
  3. You can also shave your soul patch or leave it.
  4. Trim the edges of you mustache and goatee to achieve a fine shape.
  5. You can trim your mustache using a comb to achieve a certain level of your mustache or level the long or even roll them, similar to goatee.


  • Do not trim your beards when it has not grown to full length.
  • Visit a saloon or barber shop if it is your fast time to shave mustache and goatee.


Maintaining mustache and goatee is NOT a tough task to do. You are supposed to shave your cheek facial hair frequently and make sure that the outline remains clear. Secondly, You need to clean your facial hair on a daily basis to remove debris. That’s it!