Growing a long beard is desired by many for different reasons but most struggle in achieving the goal. A man’s beard can be super sexy or it can be a complete mess. This is especially true when a man is growing a long beard. With all of the hype of the Duck Dynasty men and their long beards, this type of facial hair is becoming more and more popular. There are things that can be done to ensure that your long beard is healthy and grows in quickly.

grow-your-beard-long3 10 Tips to Grow a Long and Healthy Beard

It can be tricky for some men to grow full beards. Many people have asked how to grow a long beard and the answer is not as simple as you would think. There are steps that a man can take to help the process of growing a beard a little easier.


How to Grow a Long Beard

Below are some important factors that will help you grow a long beard.

1. Your Skin Needs Deep Cleansing

clean-face 10 Tips to Grow a Long and Healthy Beard

The removal of dead skin cells will stimulate new hair growth. There are several options for exfoliating scrubs that are geared specifically for men. You can also use an exfoliating mask; it is a great way to rejuvenate your skin.


2. Regular Facial Cleaning

By keeping your face clean, you will stimulate hair growth. So be sure to thoroughly wash your face twice a day, preferably in the morning and in the evening. Do not use a harsh bar soap on your face, instead use a mild cleanser to avoid irritating or drying out the skin on your face.


3. Use a Moisturizer with Eucalyptus

There have been noted studies that claim products containing eucalyptus promote quicker facial hair growth. Moisturizers with eucalyptus will remove any dry or flaky skin. The moisturizer with eucalyptus will also help a bread grow faster and thicker.


4. Remove Any Ingrown Hairs

ingrown-hair-beard 10 Tips to Grow a Long and Healthy Beard

Ingrown hairs are hairs that are being blocked by oils naturally occurring on the skin. Your skin pores become blocked and the hairs cannot come through the pore correctly. For a beard that grows evenly, ingrown hairs on the face must be taken care of as soon as they appear. If you notice an ingrown hair or blackhead/whitehead start using a topical medication to get rid of it quickly.


5. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep allows our bodies to rejuvenate our cells, more specifically, our skin cells. This helps promote faster and fuller beard growth. Be sure to get to bed on time and for a proper amount of deep sleep needed for healthy skin.

take-sleep-to-make-your-facial-hair-longer 10 Tips to Grow a Long and Healthy Beard


6. Manage Your Stress Levels

Stress is known to inhibit the growth of facial hair. Next time you begin feeling stressed out, take a few minutes to relax and step away from the things that are stressing you. Start an exercise program to relieve stress within your life. Exercise is helpful with blood circulation to the face and improved circulation will help facial hair growth.


7. Add Vitamin B and Biotin to Your Diet

Vitamins are extremely important for a healthy body including healthy and strong hair. Foods that are rich in Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 are essential for a healthy looking beard that will grow quickly. Biotin has been proven to increase the growth of nails and hair. It is recommended to take 2.5 mg every day of Biotin to help your beard grow.


8. Eat a High Protein Diet

high-protein-diet 10 Tips to Grow a Long and Healthy Beard

By eating a diet that consists of high protein, your beard will have the nutrients necessary to be strong and grow quicker. Protein is a natural stress reliever and will help your beard grow faster and fuller. Be sure to add more water and stay away from sugary drinks that will inhibit hair growth and could cause blemishes on the skin and within the pores of your face.


9. Be Patient With Your Beard

You are not going to wake up tomorrow with a full, thick long beard. Make sure that your expectations are realistic. You will begin to see growth over a few days and most men will be out of the itchy phase of beard growing phase by the end of the week. Keep the beard well groomed and take care of it properly for the long beard to come in full and luxurious.


10. Condition Your Beard Weekly

As your beard grows it is a good practice to keep it conditioned. This will keep you from having to shave it off and start a new beard. Castor oil has been used as a conditioning treatment that will also promote facial hair growth. It is best to apply the castor oil at night and then thoroughly wash your beard in the morning. There are other facial hair conditioners available at major retailers. You will want to wash your beard two to three times a week and use a good conditioner at least once each week.

Hopefully, these simple tips will benefit you in the struggle of growing a long beard. Do you have a long beard? What do you think that will also help to grow facial hair longer? Let me know your thoughts!