25 Heroic Handlebar Mustache Styles to Rock [2018]

When you are considering growing facial hair, a handlebar mustache is probably on the back of your list as the most complicated option. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of making it. In fact, such mustache is pretty easy to create. All it needs is some daily styling. Keeping a handlebar neat and stylish will just take a few minutes of your time. But the result will truly be impressive. Knowing how to style such a mustache is a great skill that will help you deal with your hair in the future. If you need some inspiration, take a look at some of the most popular handlebar options to make you understand how great your choice really is.


Handlebar Mustache History

Although early variations of the handlebar and similar looking mustaches showed up on depictions of and monuments to the Celts from the Iron Age, the handlebar mustache as we know it today became popularized during the latter half of the 19th century in the United States. It wasn’t dandies or rich, stylish men who made it famous, but notorious Wild West figures such as Wyatt Earp. At the same time, European soldiers were sporting the distinctive mo, a trend that lasted all the way up until World War I. The style showed up during the Gay 1890s and the Roaring 1920s, saw a brief surge in the 1970s, and today’s on-point hipster culture is currently giving it a revival.


What Does a Handlebar Mustache Look Like?

1 25 Heroic Handlebar Mustache Styles to Rock [2018]

The handlebar resembles the handlebars of a bicycle, no doubt. In addition to a general neatness and a well-groomed shape, the mustache is characterized by ends that are twisted into a thin line and curled in a fine swirl.


How to Grow a Handlebar Mustache the Right Way

Growing and training are the two most important aspects of nurturing a handlebar mustache. To begin with, let it keep growing. At first, you don’t even want to trim it too much. The style depends on length, at least at the ends. After a while, as the hairs start to overlap your upper lip, then you’re ready to start thinking about trimming—but don’t do it yet. Before that, keep the scissors and the razor away from your top lip, and start using mustache wax to create more flexibility.


How to Trim & Shape

Trimming a handlebar is tricky, mainly because you shouldn’t—I kind of lied earlier; sorry ’bout it. The trick to this mustache is combing it. Your philtrum is a natural divide and you comb your mustache hair to either side of it. Combed straight down, the hair may brush or even cover your upper lip, but you still shouldn’t cut it. You need it.


The Grooming: 5 Tips

  • Leave the Scissors Alone
  • Don’t trim it. Don’t. Just don’t.
  • Use Beard Oil

Yeah, okay, your mustache is not a beard, but don’t be a pedant, dude. Facial hair is coarse and wiry. A premium beard oil, regularly applied, will keep your mo-hair (haha, see what I did there?) softer and more manageable.


Comb It

Comb it often, comb it lovingly, and comb each side toward its respective cheek. Begin this regimen as soon as your ‘stache is long enough to comb.


Train It

You want to train the hair to lie in the direction(s) you choose. You also want to train the ends by twisting them as your mustache grows longer.


Use Wax

Lastly, always style your ‘stache with wax made for facial hair. That’s how you get the signature curls at the ends.


How to Curl a Handlebar Mustache

Curling your handlebar is easy. You don’t need any styling tools beyond a comb and some mustache wax. First, comb your mustache on each side. The ends should point toward either cheek. Using just your fingertips at first, tweeze your ‘stache between your fingers and, when you reach the end, give them a twist. Next, lightly coat your fingers with mustache wax and repeat, this time using the wax to curl the ends.


What Handlebar Mustache Style Should You Pick?

That’s a difficult question to answer. It depends on the growth pattern of your mustache, the thickness of your hair, and your own personal style.


Fashionable Handlebar Mustaches for The Bravest Men

A handlebar mustache is something many men dream about. Remember, that in order to sport the most stylish handlebar, you need to grow a pretty long mustache. Allow your hair to grow for a while even if it looks a little unkempt. You will have to sacrifice your neat appearance for about 6 weeks in order to get a perfect result. Brush your mustache while you are growing it. It will help your hair “get used” to a special shape. Use special mustache wax to twist and shape your new handlebar.

1. Handlebar mustache with a stubble

1-1 25 Heroic Handlebar Mustache Styles to Rock [2018]

A good way to outline your handlebar mustache will be to contrast it with a stubble and an undercut. The less hair you will have around it, the more interesting and impressive the mustache will look. You can even consider shaving your beard altogether.

How to Grow a Handlebar Mustache


2. High ends

2-1 25 Heroic Handlebar Mustache Styles to Rock [2018]

Ends of a handlebar mustache leave a lot of room to your imagination. The longer they are, the more experiments you can make. One of the options is to use some wax to shape the ends upwards and make them as high as you possibly can.


3. Asymmetrical handlebar

handlebar-mustache-3 25 Heroic Handlebar Mustache Styles to Rock [2018]

Did you think that looking modern is impossible with a handlebar? You were wrong. Consider creating an asymmetrical mustache by making one of the sides lower than the other. Just make sure the hair is very neat. Otherwise, the asymmetry will be considered messy.


4. Separated handlebar mustache

handlebar-mustache-4 25 Heroic Handlebar Mustache Styles to Rock [2018]

A very special way to create a mustache would be to separate it in the middle. This is not an easy job since it requires a lot of precision. Make sure not to overdo the spacing, otherwise, you will end up shaving the whole mustache off.


5. Handlebar with a chin curtain

handlebar-mustache-5 25 Heroic Handlebar Mustache Styles to Rock [2018]

Growing the right beard is vital for making your handlebar mustache look impressive. If you overdo the fullness, then the mustache will be lost. If you make it too messy then the neatness of the mustache will be useless. Consider a neat chin curtain to suit your handlebar.

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