Goatee Beard: 4 Steps to Grow a Perfect Goatee

Men sporting goatees throughout history have been for the most part distinguished. There are those stigmas attached to the goatee of evil or the bad boy. Satan is mainly depicted with a very distinguishable goatee, but the beloved Colonel Sanders – founder of KFC – also sported a distinguishable goatee. If you think that you want to grow a goatee beard, then keep reading. You will find tips on how to grow a goatee that is healthy and pleasing.

growing-goatee-beard-style4 Goatee Beard: 4 Steps to Grow a Perfect Goatee

Goatee Facts

  • A traditional goatee is the hair under the chin.
  • A Van Dyke goatee has a disconnected mustache as well as hair under the chin.
  • A circle beard is a goatee that is connected to a mustache.

How to grow a goatee

Growing a goatee from scratch is not a tough task if you know what steps are involved in the entire cycle. Below are 4 steps to grow a healthy goatee beard.

1. Stop Shavingstop-shaving-to-grow-a-goatee Goatee Beard: 4 Steps to Grow a Perfect Goatee

Let the facial hair that is around your mouth and beneath the nose grow out. After a few days, possibly a week or so, you will be able to get a sense of how well the facial hair grows and if there are any trouble spots such as patchiness or discolorations. You will also get a better idea of what type of goatee will work best for you.

2. Visualize the Look of the Goatee

There are so many different variations of a goatee and different ways to shape a goatee. If your face is more rounded in shape, then a circular goatee may not be the best option. There are many different photos of men with goatees on the internet, look for those men with a similar face shape and see how they wear their goatees to determine which shape you would like to try. Oftentimes, a goatee looks good with sideburns that are clean and close to the face. The sideburns should not extend past the earlobes. If you have a shaved head, sideburns should not be kept.

1315935919_stopmotion_beard_shaving Goatee Beard: 4 Steps to Grow a Perfect Goatee

3. Shape the Goatee

You may want to experiment with various goatee styles before finally settling on the one that suits you the best. When shaping your goatee yourself keep the following guides in mind:

    • Start at the edges and move slowly and carefully so you do not remove too much hair at once. The edges should not extend past the smile lines on your face.
    • Make sure that both sides of the goatee are symmetrical.
    • Always use a new or slightly used razor when using a manual razor so the sides can be shaped more cleanly.
    • The trimming tool on an electric razor is easier for keeping the goatee neat and trim.
    • Make sure to move the razor in every direction since the facial hair grows in different directions and not just in one direction.
    • The mustache should be kept well defined.
    • There should be sharp corners at the jaw line.

goatee-styles-photo Goatee Beard: 4 Steps to Grow a Perfect Goatee

4. Keep it Clean and Neat

Regularly wash the goatee using a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. When eating, be sure to use caution and wipe the goatee after every meal. Keep the goatee neat and stubble free. Stubble may look sexy, but next to a goatee it just looks unkempt. It is best to trim the goatee beard about once a week to keep any straggles under control.