6 Facts & Myths About Growing A Ginger Beard

The people who have red hair are called redheads or gingers. And, some guys have reddish beards too which is considered ginger beards. There are some long circulated facts and myths about the ginger beard. This article is all about the ginger beard. Let’s learn how ginger beards lived through ages with these facts and myths.


Interesting Facts and Myths about Ginger Beard

Ginger beard itself looks interesting. Though some people become a victim of bullying some other celebrates this rarity of being a ginger. Some others love to brag about the myths about the ginger beard. These myths are not true but the surely are interesting.


#1. Not Every Redhead Grows A Ginger Beard

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A common idea about ginger beard is that if you have red hair you’ll have a red beard. That’s not entirely true. Only the chosen people are blessed with ginger beards. If anyone has only ginger beards without a redhead, he is called half-ginger. Ginger beard is a mysterious thing. Facts and myths are mixed in the narration of different stories about the gingers. Sadly enough, redheads aka gingers are abused and bullied because of their red hair. Well! The fact is you may not have a ginger beard even though you are a redhead, and you may grow a ginger beard even though you are not a redhead.

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#2. Ginger Has Super Powers

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A strong myth about the gingers is that they have superpowers. Ginger people usually look pale and has a light skin. This makes them look someone having something different. Gingers are mutants in a sense that their gene caused this red hair which is sensitive to the temperature. That’s why they can detect the change in temperature.


#3. Artistic Gingers

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Gingers have hair that is different from others. Their distinctive hair color has made them noticeable. This is why it catches the eyes of the artist. The brightness and rarity attract an artist entity and many prominent artists portrayed ginger hair and beards in their works.

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#4. Gingers are Short-tempered

8 6 Facts & Myths About Growing A Ginger Beard

One of the most believed myths about ginger beards is the persons having it are short-tempered. Actually, it is the result of the traditional teasing of the normal people. Most of the people tease a ginger whenever they get a chance. As gingers are human, sometimes, they also loose temper and confront something unpleasant that proves themselves short-tempered. In general, that’s not true. At least, there is no scientific truth.


#5. Vampires and Witchcraft

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Gingers are often associated with vampires and witchcraft. The ancient Greeks used to fear that gingers may turn into vampires after their death. Egyptians used to consider Ginger beard unlucky and cruelness followed this belief. They burnt ginger maidens to get rid of future potential gingers wiping out the gene forever. But, the fact is non-ginger can also carry ginger genes. In Europe, ginger redheads often associated with witchcraft. Red is somewhat related to witchcraft.


#6. The Defamation

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A dirty and wrong belief is that ginger babies are born due to the sin of their parents. A medieval belief says that ginger baby is born if a couple decides to get close during the woman’s menstruation. This redness of blood has something to deal with the red color of the hair. This belief is actually a disgrace but we can’t change the fact that people used to believe it.

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Ginger beards are nothing abnormal just the result of a genetic deviation. On the contrary, it looks sexy and attractive. Some people use dye to get ginger hair and beard when some other gets abused for having it naturally. and some are donning a ginger beard proudly. So, it depends on your attitude. Choose in which side you belong to.