6 Ways to Get Rid of Beard Dandruff

When you hear the word ‘dandruff‘, your beard isn’t the first image that pops into your head, but beard dandruff is something that can definitely happen. While it is not quite clear exactly how or why, it’s said that the skin beneath the beard begins to shed excessively when you’re stressed out, not using the right products, and not moisturizing the beard after washing.


How to get rid of Beard Dandruff

Whether you’ve noticed that you’re experiencing some flaking or you’re trying to prevent it from happening, here are a few treatments to add to your beard care regimen in order to combat beard dandruff.

1. Shave

image0012 6 Ways to Get Rid of Beard Dandruff

Sounds pretty simple, right? That’s because it is. If you don’t mind losing the beard for a while until you get the skin properly moisturized and healed, then shave it off and start over. By shaving, not only will the razor take most of the dead skin off of your face, but it will allow you to exfoliate and moisturize the area so that new, healthy skin can grow in its place. This will help you eliminate beard dandruff.


2. Beard Shampoo

Cleansing your beard with medicated, anti-dandruff shampoo (Head and Shoulders, etc.) will improve your condition and decrease flakiness. Be sure to wash your face with a gentle cleanser before applying the shampoo in order to remove excess oils that may get in the way of the medicinal properties of the shampoo.


3. Moisturize

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Moisturizing the beard will prevent dryness in both the hair and the skin. Find a beard oil that will maintain the health of the skin and ward off flakiness, while providing moisture and nutrients to the beard. A good oil to use is Tea Tree oil since it has anti-fungal and antiseptic properties that can both heal the skin and prevent future flakiness and infection.


4. Vitamin E

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Lack of vitamin E in your diet can actually cause dandruff.  You can prevent this by adding vitamin E supplements to your diet, and by applying the oil directly to the beard. Always be sure to check with your dermatologist before adding additional supplements and vitamins to your diet.


5. Deep Condition

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There’s a new deep conditioning product by Mister Beardwash that has been formulated to treat and prevent skin irritation and dandruff beneath the beard. While some may see this as unnecessary, using a deep conditioning product could be a great way to prevent beard dandruff even if you don’t have it. Not to mention the fact that it will leave your beard feeling soft and moisturized.


6. Use Specialized Beard Products

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These shampoos, conditioners, and beard oils are formulated to provide the specific properties needed to maintain a healthy beard, which includes treating and preventing beard dandruff. Although some beard products are a bit pricey, it’s good to know that all these beard products have been made to keep your beard and the skin beneath at its healthiest.


While these are only a few ways to treat and prevent beard dandruff, it would be best to go to your dermatologist in order to make sure there aren’t any underlying health problems. If your skin is cracked and bleeding or irritated, it may need to be treated with medication, so be sure to mention these symptoms to your doctor for a professional opinion before attempting any of the tips above.