How to Fade Your Beard The Right Way [5 Examples]

A beard is not of use until one can maintain it well. Beards demand a good deal of attention and maintenance to get the maximum benefit from it. On that note, one should know what is a beard fade, how to trim and fade the beard the right ways. If the trimming and fading suit you, you’ll look manlier than ever. And, there is a slight marginal difference between an awesome beard and an awful beard. So, be watchful to stay on the right side and enjoy the fade with beard.


What Is a Beard Fade?

Fade is a very effective way to get the perfect transition line between the hair of the sideburns and the hair. Though it doesn’t always refer to the fading of sideburns and the hair, any transition from long hair to short hair or to the bald head can be considered a fade. A faded beard is considered a well-groomed one. Learn how to fade your beard the right ways from the below steps.


How to Fade the Beard Effectively

One must fade the beard regularly because if the sideburns or the edges of the beard remains untouched they start to get curly. Basically, three places of a beard need to be faded to get a classy and an epic beard. The three places are respectively the neckline, the cheek line and the sideburns which connect the beard with the hair. No matter what place you are going to do a fade, the basic steps are similar always. To do a beard fade one needs the guidance of an expert to get the best impact on his look.Let’s know how you can fade your own beard.

  • At first, fix the place where you want a fade. Choose the number what you get usually in a barbershop for that certain place on the beard. As you are a novice, choose a bigger number as so you do not shave off a whole bunch of hair unwittingly.
  • Now attach the right length setting number to the trimmer as per the length you want to have. Our suggested number is #4 to start as a first timer.
  • Start the trimming right on the spot where the ears meet the head if you want to do a fade with beard, the sideburns, and the hair. In case of the neckline and cheek line, do the trimming on the marginal areas.
  • Repeat the trimming process till you find the right fading effect. Don’t go overboard, be cautious while using the clipper.
  • Adjust the length setting number according to the size of your beards. The number may vary from #1 to #5 or maybe higher if needed. Make sure that the transition looks natural and there remains no distinctive line.


5 Examples of Faded Beard

The video tutorial is for the beginners only. If you want to become a pro, then you need further guidance on this beard fade. Once someone gets to know how to fade with beard, he will surely crave to get faded beard as depicted below.


#1. Faded Beard with Bald Head

Shaved-Head-For-Balding-Men How to Fade Your Beard The Right Way [5 Examples]

Some people like to wear a bald head all the time. They can have a long beard and fade the beard in this way to get a flawless transition on the connecting point of the sideburns and the head.

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#2. Faded Hipster Beard

image0057 How to Fade Your Beard The Right Way [5 Examples]

Hipster beard itself is an excellent bread style. A fade will enhance the beauty to a great degree.


#3. From Sideburns to Head

beard-fade-into-hair-sideburns How to Fade Your Beard The Right Way [5 Examples]

This is the most popular type of a fade. Almost all of has this sort of haircut where the lower hair are shorter. You can adjust the beard with the hair fading it from the sideburns to the head.


#4. Line up Beard Fade

Line-Up-Fade-Beard-mr_fineline How to Fade Your Beard The Right Way [5 Examples]

This type of fading starts from the cheekbones and goes above to the head. A compatible haircut will look stunning and complement the overall look.


#5. Faded All the Way

men-fade-haircuts-pictures-ivy-league-haircut-beard How to Fade Your Beard The Right Way [5 Examples]

Actually, we need to fade the beards mostly on the edges where the beard meets the bare skin of our faces and necks. You can fade every meeting point of the marginal beard and the skin to get a clean and tidy look.

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You will be admired for the beards only if the beard is well-groomed. Fading and trimming is the best way to make an impression that one is serious about his beard. This will add personality to your image. Who are you waiting for then? Grab the clipper and start to fade your precious beard.