Knowing a good joke is a great weapon you can wield in any situation. These 7 beard jokes will help you and your friends enjoy a bunch of really good laughs.


Beard Jokes

1. Beards are magical. You never see an ugly man with a beard, but you always see an ugly man without a beard.

2. Beards tell you a lot about a man. Full beard: might live in the mountains. Rugged. No beard: might play for the New York Yankees.

3. Facial hair that is only located under the lower lip is called a soul patch. Facial hair that only grows in spots on the neck is known as pitiful.beard-joke-e1467744806705 7 Beard Jokes to Liven Up Your Party

4. The only type of person that can’t pull off facial hair no matter what style it’s in is a woman.

5. Beards grow faster when a man hasn’t had sex in a while. So, if you see a man with a very long beard don’t give him a razor, get him a girlfriend.

6. A study showed that people perceive bearded men as 51% less cheerful than clean shaven men, but anyone able to grow a full beard knows just how happy of a feat that can be.

7. Abraham Lincoln grew his famous beard after a little girl wrote him a letter and said he’d look better with one. That same girl, however, had no advice about going to the theater.